A holiday your family will remember for ever!

If you want to relax this is the place to do it. Your skipper and crew will sail you to your destination wherever you decide it to be. During the day you can be sailing gently across the Mediterranean or anchored up for lunch and a swim. At night you can be moored up in a busy marina with its attendant nightlife or quietly swinging at anchor in the mouth of a river. The emphasis is on your choice. Study the charts and pilot books on board and discuss your preferred itinerary with your skipper. If your ideas are possible that is what you can do.

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Evening in Marina bay

Visit to the upper rock to see the apes and the cave. Lunch on board then sail to Getares Bay.

Anchor off for swimming and a barbecue. Overnight at anchor.


Sail to Ceuta and visit the magnificent pool complex for a day of fun. Lunch on local fare in the “chirinquito”.

Sail to Marina Smir to enjoy some superb sandy beaches.

Visit to Tetouan The old walled city has hardly changed in 300 years and is still a vibrant community.

Sail to Puerto de la Duquesa in Spain. Back to the 21st century with beach bars and restaurants!

An unforgettable sailing week