Culture Seekers Discover Ceuta and Morocco

Day 1  Sail to Ceuta. Evening in the Oasis Moroccan Restaurant.

Day 2  Visit to the Maritime and Foreign Legion museums. Walk around the upper peninsular and fortifications.

Day 3   Sail to Marina Smir in Morocco and visit the Souk in Tetouan.

Day 4   Sail to El Jebba and visit the open air  market where the the hill people descend on their donkeys to ply their wares The fruit is straight off the trees and the meat is sold “ on the hoof”.

Day 5  Taxi through the the spectacular scenery of the foothills of the Lower Atlas mountains to the hilltop town of Chefchouen.

Day 6  Sail to Puerto de la Duquesa to re-introduce yourself to the 21st century.

Day 7  Sail to Gibraltar.